Julian Deverell

Julian is the owner of three successful e-commerce businesses, the first of which he set up in 2005. He started the business the day after he walked out of his job in the motor trade from a room in his parents house with £4000 worth of savings. By 2010 the business was operating from a purpose built warehouse and had grown into a global trading company.

Today the business operates from a larger warehouse which also houses two more companies that Julian also owns. The key to the success of all of them has been Julian's knowledge and experience in the field of e-commerce and online marketing including optimising websites for search engines. Today the supply chain and customer base is global and successful niche brands have been well established.

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Work History

Publishing / I.T / Import & Export / Motor Trade

A varied work life from 1998 to 2005. Each job gave him a set of skills which have become useful in the running of the business.

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Julian Deverell


Formally educated to A level at further education college after walking out of school aged fourteen.

"Realising that school was a complete waste of time for me was one of the best things I ever did."

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Julian Deverell


I do occasionally offer e-commerce consultancy for small/medium sized businesses who want to grow their online sales and brand.

I am - for the most part - still active in the running of my own businesses so have limited time. I have however worked with a handful of other online businesses and drawn upon my fifteen years of e-commerce experience to help them grow their online sales and/or presence.

If you would like to discuss working with me to further your e-commerce company, please get in touch.

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Julian Deverell


Julian has become his own SEO consultant from over a decade's experience in optimising his own websites to be successful in the search engines. He realised early on that the only effective way to be a success in Google was to learn for himself and get the results he needed. Since 2009 he has been running a successful business using significant domination of the search results for his websites. This has meant a very low advertising costs and has been the backbone of highly profitable businesses.

There are of course many professional search consultants out there who seem, on the surface, to know everything about SEO, who will happily take your money to offer their services. What Julian found was that employing these consultants was expensive and seldom brought satisfying results.

Whether you choose to do your own SEO or sub contract it out to a consultant it's essential to have a good understanding of the principles and the basics of how it works. The consultant you use won't be with your business forever, but you will be. Even if you're looking to learn the basics of SEO to ensure you employ the right consultant, it's an important part of the process.

Niche eCommerce Branding

Another key to the success of the businesses has been the branding. Julian has always seen the value in creating and building a really strong brand, and then promoting that brand online. The Regency Chess Company remains a superb example of how creating a brand that was superior to all of the competitors got the business well ahead of the game and drove it to be a market leader.

During the late 1990s Julian worked with many talented designers in the publishing industry who developed key brands for a high volume sales environment. A key driver in the success of the current businesses has been the creative people Julian has worked with. By being able to identify the value in having superb branding, photography and design Julian has been able to push his online businesses to the top of their niche.


2005 - 2017 Parachuting/Skydiving
Julian holds an FAI C license in Parachuting and has completed over 500 jumps in the UK and abroad. This was his main pastime for a number of years and quite a consuming hobby.

2015 - present Guitar Playing
Julian first got into the guitar as a teenager in the early 1990s. By his late teens he was playing in bands in pubs but gave up playing in his early 20s. He resumed in 2015 and has been playing, collecting, buying and selling guitars since then. He managed to get back into the amateur band scene in 2017 and continues to improve, learn and play live.

Julian Deverell
Current Established Companies

You can contact me by emailing info@juliandeverell.com or by completing the following form.